About Us

About Us

Our Tiruppur government introduced a new scheme who are small workers in Tiruppur.

Handicraft workers Who is doing traditionally products with more decades. You have got the opportunity to change lifestyle and financial struggle. You come and list your name, contact number, and products on our tirumagal website.


Change your lifestyle

Concern for the material. It is only for free not any charges to list your product. Concern for the tradition are all our cultural heritage of generations. So join with us and grow yourself

Handicraft: Wood and material or any other product-related handicraft workers and Preparing wood, straw, reeds, stone, shells, Basket maker, Wicker furniture, brush maker or similar materials makers can list your products to easily find your products to the people.

Textile: Are you making handloom and textile products? Tirumagal has brought a new scheme for all women textile workers. You can come and list your products to grove your business online

Utility: Are you making any other useful products? you can come and list your products. You will be visible to others you make quality products. This website will show you in online

Food: Are you making homemade organic food in the traditional way?. Nowadays Every people looking for natural products and foods. So make it easy your work by listing your food products on this website

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